Virtualization and Windows activation

Hey there again , and happy new year. This is the first post for 2010. Big year for us guys down here in South Africa.

I thought I’d share a little resolution I’ve struggled with this morning for people that make use of virtualization quite frequently.

I was installing windows server 2008 on VMware and run into an issue when activating the OS. My environment is setup using NAT for networking.
The issue is as follows:

DNS name does not exist.
Not sure why this happens BUT the resolution was quite interesting.
You have to run an elevated command prompt, type “slmgr.vbs -ipk your-serial-activation-key”
This will take a while and you should be presented with a popup message when this is done.

Now you can try and reactivate windows. This worked wonders for me.

Hope this is help full. 🙂


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