Super Duper Computing Power

Recently had the privileged to go into the room that houses one of the largest super computing clusters in South Africa, And I must say. After my visit in there I can think of all kinds of reasons why I would want my own :). Saw an IBM Rig and a CRAY rig, equally impressive but the cray just seems way better. It is absolutely magnificent pieces of hardware. Not only are they powerful but pretty too.

Here is a snap of how the CRAY machine looks like.(With complements of the cray site )

Fine piece of art that.

Did some looking around on the internet and it is quite astonishing what they do nowadays with supercomputers. These GIANT have been around for ages, but they primarily use these bad boys for large calculations or simulations or where processing power is key , and if you compare it to the power they had 20 years ago it is quite astonishing how far we have come.

Have a look at the cray site if you also find this interesting like me.
You can also look for more tech info on Wikipedia just out of interest.

Ciao Ciao