GIT Tip of the day


I have been using GIT for a while now on my Windows 7 Box,IMac machine and my Ubuntu machine , and have noticed sometimes that you get some issues with different character sets used on the difference platforms.

I had a issue again with a remote repository this morning by receiving the following error when trying to push my source back up to my remote repo :

Warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in FILENAME

In order to fix this you can run the following command in your git shell on windows or normal shell on Mac and Linux :

git config core.autocrlf false

This will tell git not to try and convert the line-feed characters every time you try and push your source.

On another note , if you are new to GIT or looking for a good open source version control system. I would suggest you look at GIT as a option for your version control system. You can also look at alternatives such as mercurial or the good old svn (sub version) , that I have also found to work quite well for me.(but my personal preference is GIT) I have found that GIT works really good on Mac and Linux, and with  a little bit of effort , it works just as easy on windows, but be warned that the git shell for windows makes use of the Linux command system (Bash shell)


Here is some helpful stuff to get you started on git on the different platforms:

WindowsMac OSXSource

Multiple Platforms

  1. Git user manual
  2. Smart Git Multi-platform client
  3. meld is also good as far us I understand, but haven’t given it a bash yet.


Windows Only

  1. Tortoise GIT client for windows
  2. msysgit tools for windows (this is what you need to get going on windows)
  3. BONOBO git server – if your maybe looking at hosting your own repo locally


Mac Only

  1. Tower client (MAC only) for git (not free but excellent)


Linux Only (Tested on Ubuntu – “WORKS ON MY MACHINE Winking smile“)

  1. giggle client for Linux
  2. Git Cola for Linux
  3. QGit Client for Linux