A new leaf


I have never been good at writing out the knowledge stuck in my head to share with people, I usually opt for the face to face type conversation to share ideas and thoughts as it is a bit more interactive.I also love presenting at conferences and really engaging with peers and fellow technology enthusiasts but this year however I have decided to try and refresh my Blog by sharing more knowledge on it related to my technical experiences and findings in the field embracing the technology we preach on a daily basis.

In the coming months I will share info around ALM  / AZURE / IOT and various aspects of my technology passion. Stay tuned and remember comments and questions are always welcome.



Microsoft Re-naming Hell

Had to install SSIS dev tools today, and realized that Microsoft has changed the name of the tools to “Sql Server Data Tools” for Visual studio 2012. All nice and dandy, but what they did not tell you is that there are 2 packages that do different things with the same name. aarrrrrgggh.

Soooo, for the people that are looking for the tools formerly known as Business Intelligence studio here is the links to the different products.

Hope this clears up the confusion for some.

Till next time.